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Kinklab Double Lock Police Style Shackles

Kinklab Double Lock Police Style Shackles
Do you enjoy the fetish and kinky part of sex? Perhaps you are dominant or maybe you are the submissive! Whatever the case may be these police style shackles are quality made and definitely add an element of kink to the bedroom. Shackle your lover to the chair or the bed with these ankle or “leg irons” for some raunchy fun. You or your lover can fight as much as you like, there will be no injury. They are made to ensure safety even with a tight fit.

This is definitely a sex toy I would recommend. You can buy crappy ankle shackles at a novelty store but they are likely poorly made or even hurt. These shackles are safe and yet quite effective at accomplishing what needs to be done in the bedroom. You can be a submissive slut or a dominating master with these shackles. They are great and quality made and that is what is most important. The price is fair for a quality made item and you will get plenty of sexual use from these.



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